REALINN Wood Furniture Repair Kit 8 Dark Colors- Wood Fillers and Touch Up Markers, Repair Scratch, Cracks, Discoloration for Wooden Door, Floor, Table, Cabinet

KIT INCLUDES our most powerful wood repair compounds, so you can repair all levels of damage to wood furniture by yourself. Includes 8 touch up fillers, 8 touch up markers, 1 brush and 1 spatula.
RESTORE ALL KINDS OF DAMAGES such as scratches, chips, cracks, and discoloration on wooden floors, doors and furniture like desks, chairs, beds, wardrobes, bookcases, cabinets, wooden crafts and many more.
EASY TO USE - Apply the filler into the cracks, and then smooth the surface with spatula. The markers can be used to touch up the superficial scratches or to draw wood grain.
UNIQUE COLORS - The wood fillers are available in 8 colors: White, Purlywood, Cherry, Dalbergia, Teak, Walnut, Black Walnut, Black. The touch up markers come in 8 colors: White, Gray, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Black.
HIGH QUALITY fillers and markers that will repair your furniture imperfections like a pro.
    wood repair kit dark colors

    Are you still bothered by the ugly scratches in your wood furniture?

    Stop worrying! With the advent of REALINN Wood Furniture Repair Kit, furniture restoration is no longer a problem!

    What will you get

    For Superficial Scratch

    1. Clean the wood surface and choose a touch up marker of similar color.

    2. Draw over scratches with the touch up marker.

    3. Wipe off excess repair pigment and let them dry.

    If needed, repeat the steps 2~3 to deepen the color.

    touch up filler

    For small scratches

    1. Clean up and apply a filler of similar color.

    2. Smooth the area with tail scraper.

    3. Wipe off excess repair filler and let it dry for a few hours.

    4. After drying, use another color of filler or marker to draw wood grain.

    If the color is not what you want, you can mix fillers to perfect match your wood furniture.